Monday, October 25, 2010

Inexperienced celebrants

An Australia wide survey of Marriage Celebrants conducted in December 2009, by Celebrante gave some surprising results:

(1) Just over 89% of marriage celebrants were appointed between 2004 & 2009.

(2) 85.6% of celebrants are part-timers with other occupations.

(3) Just over 11% of celebrants performed no weddings whatsoever in 2009 and 50.8% performed between 1 and 10 weddings in that year.

So, the end result is that it is a fact that the majority of celebrants are extremely inexperienced!

Just because you know someone "who knows a celebrant" it does not mean that celebrant will be good. Because they are a "really nice person" also does not mean that they are a good celebrant. Couples need to really do their research. You have only one chance for the ceremony to be right and well orchestrated by the celebrant.

Food for thought.

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